City of Batavia Government Building - 2022 Interior & Exterior Remodeling

All work shall be in accordance with the specifications as set forth in the Contract Documents, plans, and other State and Local regulations as applicable.


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date7/7/22 2:30pm

Bid Date8/11/22 10:00am

Company & Contacts

Allen + Pepa Architects

Lane Allen (   630-578-5169



The proposal from the Contractor shall consist of the submission of the completed Contract
Documents and supplemental addendums as received from the Owner. The bid shall be made on
the BID PROPOSAL, BID SCHEDULE, AND BID CONDITIONS provided as part of these Bidding
Documents and shall be accompanied by a bid guarantee in the form of a Certified or Cashier’s
check from a responsible solvent bank or Bid Bond made payable to the City of Batavia in the
amount of five percent (5%) of the bid amount. The amount of the bid guarantee shall be forfeited
to the Owner if the Bidder neglects or refuses to enter into a Contract or to furnish performance
security after the bid has been accepted.
The undersigned, as Bidder, declares that the only person or parties interested in this Bid, as
principals, are those named herein; that this Bid is made without collusion with any other person,
firm, or corporation; that the Bidder has carefully examined the location of the proposed work, the
proposed forms, and the Contract Specifications for the above signed work, all of which are on file
in the Public Works Office of the City of Batavia and all other documents referred to or mentioned
in the Contract Documents and Specifications.
The undersigned Bidder agrees that if this Bid is accepted, the Bidder will contract with the Owner,
in the form of the copy of the Contract prepared by the City of Batavia, to provide all necessary
machinery, tools, apparatus, and other means of construction, including utility and transportation
services, necessary to do all the work and furnish all the materials and equipment specified or
referred to in the Contract Documents in the manner and time therein prescribed, and according to
the requirements of the Owner as set forth therein. The undersigned Bidder further agrees that if
this bid is accepted, to furnish the Contractor’s bonds and insurance specified in the General
Conditions, and to do all other things required of if the Contractor by the Contract Documents, and
that he will take, in full payment therefore, the sum set forth in the following Bidding Schedule.