Central Park Phase 2 Development

Erosion and Sedimentation Control installation, maintenance, removal, and restoration of silt fence and erosion control elements including stabilized construction entrance.


Accepting Bids

Prebid Date6/11/24 2:00pm

Bid Date6/21/24 10:00am

Company & Contacts

Planning Resources
Steven Halberg  


Wood Dale, Illinois 60451

1. The Owner is accepting proposals for the Site Improvements at Central Park Ph. 2

Park, Wood Dale, Illinois.

2. The work will consist of the following:

2.1. Erosion and Sedimentation Control installation, maintenance, removal, and

restoration of silt fence and erosion control elements including stabilized

construction entrance.

2.1.1. Compliance with DuPage County and City of Wood Dale permit


2.1.2. Compliance with Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

grant requirements

2.2. Site Construction Security Fencing

2.3. Stabilized construction entrance installation, maintenance, removal, and


2.4. Construction Staking and Layout

2.5. Site Grading, stripping existing topsoil and stockpile, rough grading, placement

and compaction, topsoil respread from stockpile.

2.6. Concrete Walks and miscellaneous flatwork

2.7. Construction of Owner furnished new 16 x 16 pre-engineered fabric Shade


2.8. Furnish and install vinyl fence.

2.9. Installation of new creative play area including poured-in-place rubber resilient

surfacing new EWF (engineered wood fiber) resilient surfacing drainage cushion

and subsurface drainage system.

2.10. Installation of Owner furnished:

2.10.1. Landscape Structures Inc. Skyways cantilever fabric shade shelter.

2.10.2. Landscape Structures Inc. 2-5 playground equipment

2.10.3. Landscape Structures Inc. fitness stations.

2.11. Coordination with all trades for Owner furnished equipment and amenities:

2.12. Furnish and install storm sewer and underdrains and associated structures.

2.13. Furnishing and installing concrete barrier curbing, and walk, shade shelter

concrete pad, and miscellaneous flat work.

2.14. Turf restoration seeding, fertilizing, and erosion control blanket.

2.15. Installation of landscape trees, hardwood mulch rings, and landscape beds as

shown on the Landscape Plan.

2.16. Miscellaneous construction for a complete project as described in the plans and


Central Park Phase 2 Development Issued for Bidding

Wood Dale Park District May 31, 2024

©2024 Planning Resources Inc.

PRI Project # 2320-22-01-PD 2


3.1. Sealed proposals for the Central Park Ph. 2 Park Development must be submitted

on or before 10:00 AM June 21, 2024 to the Wood Dale Community Park District

Office at 111 East Foster Avenue, Wood Dale, Illinois 60451. The Bids will either

be read out loud in public following close of bidding period or depending on

Covid-19 restrictions may be read virtually.


4.1. A Certified or Cashier's check payable to the Owner, or a Bid Bond in an amount

equal to ten percent (10%) of the total bid amount must accompany each bid. In

addition, each Bidder shall submit a proof of insurance demonstrating the

Bidders insurability. Failure to provide a Bid Bond or proof of insurance may

render the bid incomplete and subject to rejection. The Owner will require the

successful bidder to furnish a satisfactory Performance and Labor and Material

Bond for the total contract. Once submitted, no bids may be withdrawn without

written consent from the Owner s Attorney.


5.1. Interested contractors may obtain detailed proposal specifications and plans via

electronic download through the Accurate Repro, Inc. Online Plan room at



6.1. A Plan Fee is required for each electronic download at $50.00 per set. Plans will

be available starting at noon June 3, 2024.


7.1. The Wood Dale Park District encourages minority contractors to submit bids for

this project. The successful contractor is encouraged to utilize minority

businesses as sub-contractors for supplies, equipment, services, etc.

7.2. The Park Board reserves the right to waive irregularities and accept the bid which

appears to be in the best interest of the Park District.


8.1. All work performed under this contract is subject to all Prevailing Wage

Requirements of the Illinois Department of Labor.

8.2. Certified payroll must be submitted to the Illinois Department of Labor and proof

of Department of Labor (IDOL) must be provided to the Wood Dale Park District

(WDPD) no less frequently than monthly or with each pay application.


9.1. The Prime Contractor or General Contractor receiving the Contract Award shall

be the Contractor of record and shall perform, on site, with their own staff or force

account labor, Work equivalent to a minimum of thirty-five percent (35%) of the

total amount of this Contract Work at the site. Only pay items of the construction

Owner Furnished

materials, and Allowances including but not limited to, insurance and bonding

expenses, and non-construction overhead expenses.

Central Park Phase 2 Development Issued for Bidding

Wood Dale Park District May 31, 2024

©2024 Planning Resources Inc.

PRI Project # 2320-22-01-PD 3


10.1. The following projected timetable should be used as a working guide for

planning purposes. The Park District reserves the right to adjust this timetable as

required during the bid process.

BID Released noon, June 3, 2024.

Optional Pre-BID Meeting Tuesday, June 11, 2024 2:00 PM at the Project


Questions Due by 2:00 PM on June 14, 2024.

BIDS Due June 21, 2024, by 10:00 AM Local Time (may be read virtually

depending on Covid-19 restrictions).

Anticipated Award Date June 25, 2024.

Construction Subsequent to completion of contract documents and

acceptance of insurance by the Wood Dale Community Park District.

Mobilization on or before July 10, 2024

Substantial Completion October 19, 2024

Final Completion November 15, 2024.


11.1. Questions will be answered in the form of written addenda and provided to

all Bidders, as per State of Illinois statutes. Submit questions regarding the bid in

writing to Steven Halberg at shalberg@planres.com Planning Resources, Due by

2:00 PM on June 14, 2024.. All addenda will be issued through the plan room

identified above.


12.1. Liquidated Damages will be assessed at the agreed to rate for each

Calendar Day for failure of the Contractor to meet either Substantial Completion

or Final Completion dates agreed to in the Contract for Construction.